Celebrating International Women's Day

Today and everyday, we celebrate our 169 incredible female Hall of Famers who have reached the pinnacle of their sport, and gone beyond to inspire women everywhere. Thank you to each of them, for teaching women across Canada and around the world, that anything is possible. Happy International Women's Day!
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Our Beyond the Win Education Programs offer a variety of free and curriculum-aligned programs celebrating some of Canada's female athletes and builders.

Follow Your Dreams

Inspire your students to follow their dreams and achieve their potential through perseverance, goal-setting, and positive visualization!

Featuring Hall of Famers Cindy Klassen & Lori-Ann Muenzer!

Women in Sport

A higher level, virtual education program that focuses on gender inequality and parity in sport at the federal and international level, both historically and today.

Featuring Hall of Famers Mary "Bonnie" Baker & Dr. Sandra Kirby!

Japan Through the Lens of Sport

Travel to Japan using sports-related artefacts to discover cultural aspects of its society, including hierarchical social and gender classes.

Featuring Hall of Famer Marina van der Merwe!