Artefact Catalogue

Browse through our collection of 360° artefacts that are integrated into our current education programs. Learn about the memorabilia, Hall of Famers, and sports featured in each Artefact Talks program by clicking on the artefacts below.
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Follow Your Dreams

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Ice Hockey Skate

Cindy Klassen - Speed Skate

Cindy Klassen - Participation Medal,
2002 Olympic Winter Games

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Cindy Klassen – Silver Medal,
2006 Olympic Winter Games

Cindy Klassen – Gold Medal, 2011 Ladies World Speed Skating Team Pursuit 

Lori-Ann Muenzer - Wreath,
2004 Olympic Games

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Lori-Ann Muenzer – Bicycle

Lori-Ann Muenzer – Tire

Japan Through the Lens of Sport

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Japanese Geta Skates & Tabi

Daruma Doll

Stick it to the Competition through Innovation

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Wooden Sherwood Ice Hockey Stick

Aluminum Ice Hockey Stick

Ice Hockey Stick, Team Canada
1972 Summit Series 

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Modern Composite Ice Hockey Stick

Women in Sport

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Pierre de Coubertin - Coin,
1896 Olympic Games

Hidy & Howdy Mascots

Dr. Kirby – Gender Accreditation Card

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Safety Bicycle

Dr. Kirby - Participation Medal,
1976 Olympic Games

Dr. Kirby - “The Dome of Silence: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport”

Taking the Higher Ground

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Tom Longboat Awards

Gaylord Powless – Lacrosse Stick 1988

Gaylord Powless – Lacrosse Ball 1971  

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Gaylord Powless – Green Gaels Lacrosse Jersey