Artefact Talks

Japan through the Lens Of Sport

What do warrior helmets, daruma, and geta skates have to do with sport? Travel to Japan using sports-related artefacts to discover cultural aspects of its society, including hierarchical social and gender classes, while also drawing connections to how technological advancements can help shape worldviews.

What's included?

  • Short Videos
  • 360° of Artefacts
  • Trivia
  • Language Activity - Learn Japanese Terms
  • Post-Visit Activities




Social Studies, Physical Education, English Language Arts
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Japan – From Isolation to Adaptation; Edo & Meiji periods; hierarchical social and gender classes; worldview; cultural isolation; community service; active living role models; texts; artefacts

Featured Hall of Famer Stories

Marina van der Merwe

Hall of Famer, Inducted in 2015

Gareth Rees

Hall of Famer, Inducted in 2014
A Japanese warrior helmet owned by Hall of Famer Marina van der Merwe shown during an Artefact Talks program while discussing gender equity in sport.

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