artefact talks

Follow Your Dreams

Inspire your students to follow their dreams and achieve their potential through perseverance, goal-setting, and positive visualization!

What's included?

  • Short Videos
  • 360° of Artefacts
  • Trivia
  • Movement Break - Learn How to Speed Skate
  • Post-Visit Activities
  • All bookings will accompany a free subscription to our web-based education hub




Health and Life Skills, Physical Education, Social Studies, English Language Arts
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Goal-setting, positive visualization, healthy life choices, overcoming challenges, community service, active living role models, texts, artefacts

Featured Hall of Famer Stories

Cindy Klassen

Hall of Famer, Inducted in 2017

Lori-Ann Muenzer

Hall of Famer, Inducted in 2015
Museum Educator, Gemma facilitating a live Artefact Talks program.

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