Artefact Talks

Women In Sport

A higher level, virtual education program that focuses on gender inequality and parity in sport at the federal and international level, both historically and today. Using a set of stimulating discussion questions, students will engage in a two-way dialogue post-presentation.

What's included?

  • Short videos
  • 360° of Artefacts
  • Discussions
  • Post-Visit Activities
  • All bookings will accompany a free subscription to our web-based education hub


10 - University 


Social Studies, Physical Education, English Language Arts
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Intersectionality of gender, sex, and physical appearance as it relates to women in sport; identity and ideology; rights, roles and responsibilities as citizens; media literacy; active living role models; women in sport; texts; artefacts


1 hour

Featured Hall of Famer Stories

Mary "Bonnie" Baker

Hall of Famer, Inducted in 2018

Dr. Sandra Kirby 

Hall of Famer, Inducted in 2018
Hidy & Howdy, mascots from the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games shown in a live Artefact Talks program.

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