Our Mission

Educating all Canadians on the value, history, and culture of sport in Canada.

Our Story

Through the inspiring stories and memorabilia of prominent sport champions, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame’s Beyond the Win Education Programs share the critical choices that Athletes and Builders make, and the adversity they face, on their journeys to becoming a Hall of Famer. Most importantly, these programs inspire youth to become their own great-to-good stories by learning how their sport heroes go “beyond the win” to help build Canada through the transformative power of sport.


   Canada's Sports Hall of Fame began running educational programs in Toronto, Ontario.


  The museum moved to Calgary, Alberta and continued to facilitate in-person education programs onsite.


  Driven by a passion to share Hall of Famer stories, the in-school Hall of Famers on Tour program was launched in May 2019.


  In order to reach across Canada, we embraced virtual programming and developed a lineup of curriculum-aligned asynchronous and synchronous education programs and resources.


  As we add more stories to our repertoire, Beyond the Win Education Programs continue to reach thousands of students across Canada virtually and in-person.


  We're excited to announce that in 2023, Beyond the Win Education Programs have connected with 250,000 youth nationwide, fostering engagement both in person and virtually across every Province and Territory.
Our team

Meet our Education Team

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Katelyn (She/Her) - Director, Education & Programming

Meet Katelyn Roughley, our Director of Education & Programming at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame! Now, here's a delightful twist – Katelyn might not have the hand-eye coordination of a pro athlete, but she's got a heart of gold when it comes to championing the invaluable life lessons and values learned through sport. Who needs a perfect pitch when you've got the perfect attitude, right? With nearly a decade of curating experiential learning experiences in Toronto, Saskatchewan, and Calgary, Katelyn's revolutionizing the museum education field by empowering youth to unleash their potential - one story, one artefact, and one child at a time.
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Jacob (He/Him) - Assistant Multimedia Developer

Jacob began working at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2022 after graduating from SAIT Polytechnic’s Film and Video Production course. He helps oversee the live production in the studio and keeps his friends humble with his witty sense of humor. When not at work, Jacob keeps himself busy making music at his home studio. You can never have too many studios.
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Zack (He/Him) - Multimedia Developer

Zack studied film and video production at SAIT Polytechnic, where he worked on several films including a feature that was screened at the Calgary International Film Festival. Zack joined Canada’ Sports Hall of Fame in 2020 and since then has overseen the studio, operating the hardware and software used to deliver virtual education programs. When he’s not in the dark little corner of the studio he calls an office, Zack is out taking pictures and watching movies (probably Ocean’s Eleven for the 20th time).
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Matt (He/Him) - Museum Volunteer

Matt has been a physical education teacher in Calgary for thirty-three years and after retirement came to volunteer at Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame. For seven years in their education department, he enthusiastically taught, shared, and promoted the ideals of excellence in sport, and the importance of Canada’s sport history. It is a perfect volunteer position where he can continue to work with students and meet his sports heroes; (Mike Weir, Lanny, Marnie McBean…). He does leave time for golf and travel.
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Linda (She/Her) - Museum Volunteer

Linda is a former teacher and administration both in Toronto and Calgary. She joined the volunteer staff of Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame in its second year of existence at the Calgary location and is entering her tenth year as an education volunteer for CSHoF. Her 16 years as an educator, ranging from Early Childhood right on through Junior High School, has led her to continue working with youth and youth-centred organizations for the last 23 years as a volunteer. Matching her passion for learning is her passion for travel and sport. Sport and outdoor pursuits have led to far off hiking treks, long distance running, golfing and ski trips. Family, friends and fun are at the heart of everything she does.

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