Hall of Famers on Tour

Virtual education presentations that connect Hall of Famers with students in real-time to share their stories of how they’ve reached the pinnacle of their careers and are going “beyond their wins” to champion good in their communities. Our education programs aim to equip youth with critical life skills, lessons and tools for success, creating a moment where students discover for themselves that sport teaches more than sport.

What's included?

  • Hall of Famer Presentation
  • Q&A 
  • 360° Artefacts
  • Pre-Visit Activities





Physical Education, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Indigenous Studies, Career and Life Management, Career and Technology Studies
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Overcoming challenges; community service; active role models; sportsmanship; fair play; ethics; safe sport; positive thinking; healthy life choices; goal-setting; motivation; life lessons


45 Mins

Hall of Famers

Check out our 2022
Roster of Speakers!
Gareth Rees - Rugby
Dr. Sandra Kirby - Sport Builder
Dr. Jennifer Walinga - Rowing
Catriona Le May Doan - Speed Skating
Vicki Keith - Swimming
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