National Indigenous Peoples Day

Relive an incredible celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day through exclusive recorded livestreamed events. Delve into the insightful Educational Keynote and thought-provoking Panel Discussion that brings awareness to, and celebrates the importance of, Indigenous Athletes and Builders of sport and their immense contributions to building what is now Canada. Immerse yourself in the inspiring moments that unfolded during this remarkable occasion.

What's included?

  • Educational Keynote
  • Panel Discussion
  • Movement Break




Indigenous Education, Social Studies, Health & Life Skills, Physical Education, English Language Arts
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Truth and Reconciliation in Sport; Fostering and Honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being, Peace and Friendship; Strengthening Indigenous Identity, Pride, and Community-Building; Great-to-Good Stories; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Sense of Belonging; Indigenous Language Revitalization; Cultural Identities; Storytelling; Ethics; UNDRIP;  Cultural Agility; Allyship; Core Elements of Being Well; Living in a Good Way; Respect