Storytelling Series:
Celebrating Indigenous Sport Heroes

Highlighting the outstanding contributions of Indigenous Athletes & Builders of sport to Canada’s rich sporting history.

Provide your students with an impactful opportunity to connect to Indigenous role models and learn their stories through a live and virtual speaker series, digital storytelling, and community exhibits. These initiatives aim to celebrate the diversity and resilience of Indigenous sport icons, as well as inspire the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

What's included?

  • Short Videos
  • Recorded Keynotes
  • Lesson Plan
  • Digital Storytelling




Indigenous Education, Health and Physical Education, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Art Education


Overcoming challenges; sportsmanship; fair play; active living role models; identity and sense of belonging; healthy life choices; Indigenous Ways of Knowing & Being; systemic racism; racism awareness; historical thinking

Indigenous Sport Heroes Digital Book Updates

The Indigenous Sport Heroes Digital Book, connected by CN, is a dynamic, multimedia exhibit, designed like chapters in a book. Created by Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in collaboration with Indigenous Hall of Famers and numerous Indigenous, sport, museum, and historical partners, this first-of-its-kind initiative offers a rich exploration into the stories of 26 Indigenous Athletes and sport Builders.

Thank you to our Partners

Indigenous Sport Heroes Education Package