Jan 16

Welcome Back 2024

Kick off the New Year with excitement! Start by booking your FREE virtual field trip, explore a recently launched asynchronous program celebrating diversity and inclusion, or infuse your classroom with the truths, experiences, and stories of Indigenous Hall of Famers using a transformative changemaker resource.

Join us for a Taking the Higher Ground Artefact Talks program, where we'll dive into the extraordinary stories of Indigenous Order of Sport Recipients and Hall of Famers Tom Longboat and Gaylord Powless.

Designed to accommodate your schedule, this program is offered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats, allowing you to seamlessly access materials for asynchronous delivery or secure your spot for a live program. Discover more about this FREE program by visiting https://beyondthewin.ca/course/taking-the-higher-ground

Amplifying an inspirational story that transcends time and societal barriers, this comprehensive program celebrates the richness of diversity, fosters equity, and champions inclusion through the remarkable journey of an exceptional role model – inspiring youth to dream big by seeing themselves in a true sport icon.

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, in partnership with Special Olympics Canada and the Special Olympics Canada Winger Games Calgary 2024 Legacy Fund, is proud to have unveiled two innovative modules last year, with two more coming soon to enhance your teaching experience

Empower your classroom with the Indigenous Sport Heroes Education Experience – a transformative resource designed like chapters in a book. Dive into educational interactivities, resources, and lesson plans that bring to life the truths, experiences, and stories of Indigenous Hall of Famers and Tom Longboat Award Winners who have helped build Canada through sport. Accessible through the Education Hub, presented by Enbridge, this changemaker resource is your key to seamlessly integrating entry points into Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing into your classroom.