Taking The Higher Ground 

Using guided questioning, students will learn about the racial barriers Hall of Famers Tom Longboat and Gaylord Powless overcame both in their life and sporting careers. Students will explore and reflect on how each Hall of Famer relied on role models and used elements of traditional Indigenous teachings to not only persevere, but also show integrity and sportsmanship in the face of adversity.
*Trigger Warning*: This program discusses residential schools, intergenerational trauma, discrimination, racism, and some violence.

What's included?

  • Short Videos
  • 360° Views of Artefacts
  • Trivia Games
  • Movement Break – Learn how to run like Tom Longboat and handle a lacrosse stick
  • Post-Visit Activities
  • Inquiry-Based Storytelling




Social Studies, Indigenous Education, Health & Life Skills, Physical Education, English Language Arts


Indigenous Peoples; overcoming challenges; community service; active role models; identity and sense of belonging; sportsmanship; fair play; systemic racism; racism awareness; positive thinking; healthy life choices; historical thinking; artefacts; texts

Featured Hall of Famer Stories

Tom Longboat

Hall of Famer, Inducted in 1955

Gaylord Powless

Hall of Famer, Inducted in 2017
Museum Educator, Natalie facilitating a live Artefact Talks program.