Hall of Famers on Tour

Did you know? Hall of Famers on Tour is a virtual education presentation that connects Hall of Famers with students in real-time to share their stories of how they’ve reached the pinnacle of their careers and are going “beyond their wins” to champion good in their communities. Our education programs aim to equip youth with critical life skills, lessons and tools for success, creating a moment where students discover for themselves that sport teaches more than sport.

Check out our 2022 roster!

  • Vicki Keith 
  • Dr. Sandra Kirby 
  • Gareth Rees
  • Dr. Jennifer Walinga 
  • Catriona Le May Doan

Through the virtual adaptation of the highly coveted education program Hall of Famers on Tour, students will still receive the amazing one-hour interactive experience of a Hall of Famer sharing their story in real-time, but the virtual program will have many added benefits, such as:
  • Providing a safer environment to run this in-demand program during and post Covid-19;
  • Allowing us to deliver more programs and widen our reach across Canada;
  • Hosting more Hall of Famers as they can participate virtually from anywhere in the world!   

We will also be utilizing state-of-the-art WebRotate 360® software to create 360-degree views of significant artefacts that will enhance this synchronous  learning experience! Youth will feel like they are intimately engaging with unique artefacts and memorabilia relating to the Hall of Famer’s story and, as always, there will be lots of time for questions with the Hall of Famer!