Beyond The Win Trivia

A Quick Study Guide

This trivia will test your knowledge on Canadian sports and the Summer/Winter Olympic Games. It will also test you on how well you know facts about some of our Hall of Famers. If you haven't brushed up on your Canadian sports history recently, no need to worry! Here is a quick study guide to get you on track.

Before you try your hand at our trivia, think about the Olympic Games and where they have been hosted and what Canadian athletes have been prominent at them. Who has won a lot of medals at the games and have any athletes competed at both Summer and Winter Games. Also think about Canada's Sports Hall of Fame itself and its history.

Next think about some names inside the Indigenous sports circle. Who might be inducted into our Hall of Fame? Is there a certain award for Indigenous athletes and their achievements? What sports do the Indigenous Hall of Famers play?

Think of some famous women in sports from many years ago and from the 21st century. What sports did they play? What achievements for women in sport have they accomplished?

Finally, think about the sport of ice hockey and what kinds of innovations have been made in the last 60 years. Then about what sort of barriers some players may have faced trying to get the NHL over 60 years ago.

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